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Summer or Fall?

We hope you are enjoying the summer sunshine as we welcome the new fall season! We took advantage of the warmer temperatures this past week with a solo spot trip to the beach and two outdoor relay races in science. These fun relays gave both classes a chance to review science variables – independent, dependent, and controlled. We will have a test on science variables and the scientific method this Wednesday, and a study guide will go home on Monday so students can review.

In ELA this week we will continue our study of Esperanza Rising and begin chapters 6 and 7. Both classes are following a study guide on Google Classroom to help them understand the reading. Plus, we are using whole class “mini lessons” and small Guided Reading Groups to delve deeper into this rich text. Our spelling program, Words Their Way, has also begun in ELA. The first spelling test will be on Tuesday. Each student was given some suggestions for studying their words at home. If you would like to help your child study their words, you may want to ask them to bring home this list of activities. All students can earn extra credit toward their spelling test or ELA grade by completing up to three of these activities.

The 5/6 team would like to thank all of the parents who sent in supplies and/or volunteered their time to help make Friday’s Tomato Jubilee the best one ever. Without your donation of supplies and/or time, this valuable experience would not have been possible.The students worked hard in teams, and together we made an amazing lunch. It was so rewarding to see the students practice new cooking skills and utilize homegrown foods from our gardens to make such a delicious meal. And, they rounded out the experience by doing dishes, cleaning classrooms, and getting ready for an afternoon of academics. We are all very proud!

Additionally, many families have expressed interest in our recipes from Friday. I am attaching them here for your convenience. Attached below are also some pictures from the event.

The PCCS Parent Portal is back in service. As a reminder, you can access the portal with the following information:

Parent Portal Username: PCCSparent
Parent Portal Password: pccs-2017-2018-hawks-k-8