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Summer in September

We hope you’ve been enjoying these warm, summer-like days of September! It was great to see so many of you at our Curriculum Night yesterday. If you weren’t able to join us, please follow the link below for a recording. We also enjoyed a delicious Tomato Jubilee meal for lunch at school today. The 5/6 grade students helped us prepare a green salad, spaghetti with tomato sauce, and garlic bread. We definitely have some aspiring chefs in our midst. As we near the midpoint of the trimester, we have many exciting things planned for the 5th grade classes. It promises to be an exciting few weeks!
ELA News:
  • Worked on reading fluency with partner reading activities
  • Added another paragraph to our Personal Narrative stories
  • Sorted our first spelling list to began to prepare for our test next Thursday
  • Next week, we will begin annotating while reading and continue writing our Personal Narrative essays
Social Studies News:
  • Discussed services provided to the residents of a community
  • Talked about the collection of taxes to provide necessary services
  • Next week, we will begin discussing the Thirteen Colonies settled by the colonists

Psimaras Math News:


  • Used ratio tables and the partial products multiplication strategy to efficiently solve problems

  • Wrote and solved equations to represent computations that are described with words

  • Reviewed prime, composite, factors, and multiples

  • Took the Multiplication and Volume Checkpoint

  • Will begin division strategies to solve problems

Shin Math News

  • Identified the unit rate and the rate unit
  • Associated two quantities into a ratio and then a rate
  • Will begin looking at unit rates represented in tables, graphs, and equations

Science News:

  • Measured distances in cm of students’ projectiles and starter to calculate averages for their catapult experiment

  • Collected and recorded weight for carrot experiment; will use graphing skills to plot data

  • Will start to think of ideas to design a game with rules and strategies using a catapult

Important Dates:
09/21/2021 – Outreach Committee Meeting 7:00 pm
09/21/2021 – PCCS Soccer Home Game VS Grass Lake 4:00 pm
09/23/2021 – PCCS Soccer Away Game @ Johnsburg 4:00 pm
09/23/2020 – PCCS XC Mundelein Event 4:00pm
09/23/2021 – PSO General Meeting 7:00 pm
09/28/2021 – First-trimester Midterms
10/01/2021 – Photo Re-Takes