Social Studies Wax Museum

Next week, both classes will begin work on their part of the Egyptian Wax Museum. Wax Museum is a presentation format that students will be participating in; the topic being an Egyptian God/Goddess/Ruler. In preparation for the Wax Museum, students will be tasked with 2 things: to write a speech/presentation from the point-of-view of their God/Goddess/Ruler and to create an Egyptian-style mask in the form of their God/Goddess/Ruler.

We will begin the basics of mask creation next Tuesday/Wednesday. Students will be working with plaster of Paris,  and later paint, so I suggest students wearing or bringing clothes that are not near and dear to the heart. Same goes for shoes. Mask templates will be used and students will be layering plaster strips (much like the creation of papyrus as a form of paper). Masks will then need time to set before students begin painting.

If anyone happens to have spare paint sticks at home, we will be using those to hold the masks and will gladly be accepting donations of those items. Students are both nervous and excited to get started and sign up for their God/Goddess/Ruler next week. This project will be a major form of assessment for our Egypt unit.

Wax Museum will be taking place the week prior to spring break. Students will have 2 solid weeks of work time in class. That said, some may come to a point where masks may need to be transported home and worked on overnight/weekends. I will contact you individually if that becomes a necessary step.

Hopefully you will be able to join us during the day of Wax Museum. Time/day specifics TBA.