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Sixth Grade Sentinel – 3/5/2021

Happy Friday!

Students hit the ground running this first week of Trimester 3. Before we summarize the details of this week, please remember that March 11th is Student-led Conferences. Click here to sign up for a timeslot of when your child can present their reflection of learning! Mrs. Wright and Ms. Turner will both be rotating to breakout rooms on the Zoom, so we are using the same sign-up link.

This week:

  • In ELA: We had our first literature circle meetings (using the Dystopian novels students started last week), completed lesson 5 & 6 of our Greek/Latin roots unit, and started writing a creative Dystopian piece of students’ own imagination.

  • In Social Studies: Students got the opportunity to show their growing knowledge of the Nile River with a quiz at the start of the week. We then dove into learning about hieroglyphics with Ms. Chow, and got to wrap up the week with work on a small group “expert” presentation coming up, called Master of Knowledge, where the class is working with a group of 3-5 peers on a lesson to *teach* peers about a specific topic within Ancient Egypt. Work time in class will be provided next week as well.

  • In Science: we are wrapping up our Structure of Life unit next week. This week, the students discovered more about genetics, including Punnett Squares to calculate the probability of geno and phenotypes. On Wednesday, working in groups, students designed a dragon and then partnered with another group to see what their baby dragon would look like.

  • In Math: Cacti Math is reinforcing our Geometry concepts with areas of parallelograms, right triangles, acute triangles, polygons, and areas in the real world. Poodle Math is developing our understanding of identity properties in addition and multiplication.

Important Dates

  • Today, March 5: (need not attend) Materials Pick-up, no items coming home but welcome to return books inside canvas nature bag if you so choose

  • Thurs Mar 11: Early Release, 1PM; Student-led Conferences, held on Zoom/remote

  • Fri Mar 12: Early Release, 1PM

-The Sixth Grade Team