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Sixth Grade Sentinel – 3/12/2021

Greetings everyone,

First, we would like to thank everyone who set time aside this week to meet with teachers and their child for a student-led conference. We continue to admire the students’ perseverance and willingness to adapt throughout the past year. Looking ahead, we have 1 week until a well-earned spring break!

This week:

  • In ELA: students wrapped up our Greek/Latin root study on “writing, connecting and lowering”-meaning root words. Next week students will take a quiz on the material, to help determine if review will be necessary before carrying on with the unit. Students also continued meeting with peers about their dystopian literature circle book this week. Next week, in addition to meeting #3, students will be continuing to draft a dystopian story of their own.

  • In Social Studies: students prepared to TEACH a lesson to their peers, within our Egypt unit. Topics ranged from number systems and scribes to papyrus plants, mummification and the Book of the Dead. We will wrap up these lessons next week. After break, students will be diving into the famous pharaohs and religious figures of Ancient Egypt.

  • In Science: Thank you to all the parents who helped communicate and gather supplies for our mitosis lab on Tuesday. I think the students both online and in-person enjoyed the experience. As this week ends, we are wrapping up our entire Structure of Life unit. Students had the option to take a test, complete a heredity project, or write a paper. I am excited to see the final products.

  • In Math: In Poodle Math this week, we began working through expressions with variables. They are also mastering order of operations and a few properties of addition and multiplication. In Cacti Math, Geometry has been the name of the game. We have been calculating the area of polygons on coordinate grids.

Important Events

  • Thurs March 18: Natural Leader Assembly

  • Mon March 22-Fri March 26: Spring Break, no school

  • Fri April 2: Curriculum pick-up day

Happy weekend everyone!

-The Sixth Grade Team