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Sixth Grade Sentinel – 12/11/2020

Hello 6th grade families,

When returning to campus this afternoon for materials exchange, please include the following:

  • Everyone: The nature bag (with the following items inside, if possible)
  • Everyone: The Nat Geo Global Issues book, and other potential books that your child is finished reading
  • Everyone: Your child’s Volcano poster AND volcano research packet (**Names on both please!!)
  • Math B only: Mid-Module 3 Assessment

This week:

  • In ELA: students learned more about global issues ranging from pollution and food production to human rights and habitat preservation. Next week, there will be an open-note quiz on these concepts. Also next week, we will be taking notes on the research process, and have both an extra credit opportunity and our next writing assignment topic introduced – time for students to start thinking about a historical figure they would like to read a biography book about.
  • In Social studies: we wrapped up our Stone Age unit and started learning about Ancient Mesopotamia in our Empires unit. Students had a chance to work at their own pace on an interactive digital notebook that introduced unit vocabulary, working with a timeline, and 2 historical figures (Gilgamesh and Hammurabi). Next week I will be introducing mini-task projects as a creative learning opportunity for this unit.
  • In Science: we learned about earthquakes and tsunamis. We are in the process of concluding our Earth Systems unit and will take a unit test next week. A study guide will be coming home in the supply bag to help students prepare for their test. Mrs. Wright can’t wait to see the volcano posters that should be turned in with this supply pick up. 
  • In Math: Math A- we have finished Module 2 this week and are taking our end of module test today. Math B- we have finished Module 3 this week and are taking our end of module test today as well. Next week will be a catch up week. I am sending a review math packet in the supply bag. 

Important Dates

  • Today, Fri Dec 11: Curriculum Pick Up, 3-4 pm on Campus
  • Fri Dec 18: Virtual Winter Party, 12-1pm; Early Release, 1PM