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Sixth Grade Sentinel – 10/16/2020

Hello 6th grade community,

First, thank you so much to the numerous families who offered to take care of Hershey, our Asian Box Turtle – there will be additional opportunities later this year! 


This week, students spent the shortened school-week in a variety of ways:


  • In ELA: students celebrated World Character Day & completed their literature circle novels. The final project, the “Character Artifact Slideshow” will be due October 28th. This project ties together concepts from Social Studies earlier this year, as well as builds upon students’ understanding of characterization
  • In Social studies: students selected Stone Age names, were assigned into small group “bands” and worked on an individual Timeline Project that connected with their studies of Hominids in science – the Timeline project should be attached on Google Classroom by this Monday
  • In Science: we started working in small groups and explored different types of hominids or topics related to hominids (like evolution). The presentations look really great. 
  • In Math: Math B continues to work on Arithmetic operations while Math A is nearly done with Module 1 that deals with Ratios and Percents.  


Next week in social studies, students will be learning about primitive tool making. For our activity on Tuesday/Wednesday, they may need to venture outside to collect natural items for their project. If this is something you wish to prepare for over the weekend, please feel free to collect items like leaves, small branches, prairie grasses, etc. Otherwise, if your child will not be able to go outside during class next week, just respond to this email and let me know and I will gladly make accommodations to the assignment.


Important Dates

  • Friday 10/23: Curriculum Pick-up, 3-4pm

-Ms. Turner & the Sixth Grade Team