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Sixth Grade Sentinel – 1/29/21

Happy Friday everyone!

This week:

  • In ELA: students completed their third root lesson, with Ms. Chow. There will be a quiz over the six Greek/Latin roots covered so far, Wednesday of this coming week (option to use the Quizlet set Ms. Chow made, to study). Students also continued work on their biography report essay, which is due this Wednesday at the latest.

  • In Social studies: students were introduced to their final mini-task project of the unit, the Empire level! Next week we will be wrapping up our studies by looking specifically at the developments of agriculture and writing (and how they are linked). The unit test will take place the week of February 8th.

  • In Science: we are continuing our understanding of life through our understanding of the characteristics of organisms. We learned a lot of great Science words like auto- and heterotroph, Eu-and prokaryotes, uni- and multicellular, and (everyone’s favorite) sexual and asexual reproduction. Next week we will review dichotomous keys and then Genetics!

  • In Math: both Math A and Math B ended this week with a quiz to wrap up the middle of their current modules. Next week Math A will be learning about rational numbers and the coordinate plane (yay graphing!). Math B will be writing and evaluating algebraic expressions using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponents. Good times!

Important Dates

  • Fri, Jan 29: non-student Attendance Day; Curriculum Exchange on campus, 3-4pm

  • Mon Feb 8: 4B-Hybrid begins

  • Thurs, Feb 11: Early Release, 1 pm dismissal

  • Fri, Feb 12: No School, Teacher In-service

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. Turner and the 6th Grade Team