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Sixth Grade Sentinel – 05/14/2021

Greetings families,

This week,

  • In ELA: students have continued our studies of the Hero’s Journey. They wrote a movie essay about Hercules, and began taking notes on the novel Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Next week, students will be challenged with writing a comic about a personal heroic journey of their own.

  • In Social Studies: students learned about Greek social classes this week, and then had a chance to culminate what they have learned in our unit so far with a brochure project. Students had the option of creating this brochure as a hard-copy or digitally. All brochures should be turned in today (remote students, please return it in your curriculum bag if doing the hard-copy).

  • In Science: we put the finishing touches on our Oceans unit. Students were given the choice regarding how they wanted to showcase their understanding. The options were taking a test, creating a presentation, making a model, or something else teacher approved. The finished products are pretty great.

  • In Math: The Poodles are working through algebraic expressions and doing a really nice job. The Cacti are developing their understanding of mean, MAD, and median. Soon, these students will put their skills to good use when they ask a statistical question of their choice.

On Thursday, June 3rd there will be bins set up in the office for all our curriculum materials needing to be returned from this past year. Remote families, please be sure to send any and all nature bags back that day, as well as any books from school (Percy Jackson and all others).

Important Dates

  • Tues May 18: Picture Day (remote students, 4:30-6pm in the gym)

  • Fri May 21: Early release, 1pm dismissal

Happy weekend!

-The Sixth Grade Team