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Sixth Grade Sentinel – 05/07/2021

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, thank you to those who made us feel so appreciated this week!!!

This week,

  • In ELA: students concluded our poetry mini-unit with their chosen style of poem, between acrostic, diamante, haiku, quatrain and ode. Next, we started our final unit of the year: the Hero’s Journey. All students will be studying Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief  of the course of the next 3 weeks, for this unit. If you child has read the book and is interested in taking on a second novel for an added challenge, please direct them to me during class this coming week.

  • In Social Studies: students reviewed the geography of Greece and got to learn about specific city-states. A brochure project is up next, where students have the option of creating a digital or hard-copy guide to display what they have learned about the geography of ancient Greece.

  • In Science: this week has been all a review in Science. Our focus has been on Ocean currents and salinity again. Today, our End of Unit project was introduced.

  • In Math: it was great to get back to daily Math lessons. Cacti are working  through statistics, including calculating mean (average) and deviations. Poodles are writing expressions for inequalities.

Important Dates

  • Mon May 10: NWEA Math @9:00am

  • Fri May 14: Final materials pick-up day of the year

  • Fri May 21: Early release, 1pm dismissal

Enjoy your weekend!

-The Sixth Grade Team