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Sixth Grade Sentinel – 04/30/2021

Happy Friday everyone,

This week students did a wonderful job following a different schedule and abiding by some strict testing procedures. We are so pleased with their dedication and positive efforts over the past few days. Next week, we look forward to getting back on track with our typical schedule!

That said, we do have an early release coming, this Wednesday, May 5th. At 10:30 that day, students (remote from home & in-person on campus) will be taking the NWEA Reading test at 10:30. The math test will take place May 10th.

In Social Studies this week, students started their new unit on Ancient Greece. We reviewed themes in the Reader’s Theater Greek plays from last week, then shifted our focus to geography for the remainder of the week. Students are really enjoying the unit so far, which is so awesome to see! In Science, we explored coral and coral reefs. Did you know that it is an animal, and gets its different colors from algae that lives on the surface? The ocean creations were fantastic (sorry, I have to brag again). Hopefully soon Mrs. Wright’s room will start to look like its own coral reef with these creations up and around the room.

Important Dates

  • Wed May 5: NWEA Reading @10:30; Early Release, 1:00 pm dismissal

  • Mon May 10: NWEA Math @9:00am

  • Fri May 14: Final materials pick-up day of the year

Please check around the house for books from school that need to be returned ASAP. Also, if you still happen to have any PCCS nature bags, those need to be returned too. Thank you so much!

-The Sixth Grade Team