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Sixth Grade Sentinel – 04/09/2021

Happy Friday everyone,

A reminder that starting Monday, students will be following a new schedule: please click here to view the 4C Schedule & Updated Syllabus. Please also be sure to read over the 4C Implementation Plan prior to Monday. We look forward to moving into this next phase of our year together.

This week,

  • In ELA: students reviewed CER as a writing strategy (claim, evidence, reasoning). They then applied this strategy to an argumentative writing piece about their dystopian storytelling narrative. Next week, students will be starting mini-unit on Poetry. Weather permitting, students will be working outside as much as possible during this unit, as poetry is often inspired by nature.

  • In Social Studies: students created digital trading cards for several Egyptian historical figures. They were also introduced to the final unit project – students will have work time next Monday-Wednesday on their Pyramid project. They have the option to gather materials for the project over the weekend (if they want a specific paper, etc)

  • In Science: we discussed ocean currents and the sun’s effect on ocean movement. **During Earth Week, students will be making a 3-D replica of an ocean creature or plant using recycled materials. Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Anderson have started collecting items from their homes to use. If students want to start doing the same, that might be a good idea. More information will be shared early next week.

  • In Math: Cacti Math is wrapping up their module on Geometry. Their module test was today. They will start statistics next week. Poodle Math is mid-way through their module on expressions. They had a quiz today to check their understanding.

Lastly, today we bid adieu to our ELA/SS student teacher Ms. Chow! Please join us in wishing her the best!

Important Dates

Enjoy your weekend!

-The Sixth Grade Team