Sixth Grade Gazette 8/26/16

Dear parents,

We really got into the swing of things this week with our daily schedules getting underway. In Spanish, we have been building up some vocabulary skills and had a quiz today focusing on vocab. In Social Studies, our government unit has also begun, focusing on the three branches of government as well as the challenging task of trying to memorize the Preamble! Among our many specials, we have gotten into soccer in P.E. and watched an interesting video about color-blindness in Art.

With extra time this week, students have been challenged with a few interesting math activities as well. After completing a “tug-of-war” challenge worksheet, students practiced graphing by plotting the trees in Market Square as ordered pairs. Everyone enjoyed applying their math skills to real-life!

Important Dates to Know:

August 29: Picture Day

August 31: 5th grade Math NWEA testing

September 1: 6th grade Math NWEA testing

September 2: Turner Homeroom ELA NWEA testing

TBA: Tomatoes Jubilee

September 13: Carson Building Curriculum Night

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Turner and Mr. Hurwitz