Sixth Grade Gazette 5/12/17

Dear parents,

This week in Social Studies, we continued our economics study, reading articles on stakeholders in the banana business as well as a Human Rights Watch Report on child labor. This has been a complex yet interesting topic of study for everyone. In ELA, students turned in 3 mini-projects, capping off our Red Scarf Girl unit. To follow, we will be doing reader’s theater (which will be presented on the camping trip) and reading Omnivore’s Dilemma, which relates back to our current Social Studies unit. With Mrs. Neil in Science, students began their “Code Blue” unit, which focuses on body systems. The class was split into groups, and each group is responsible for creating a 3-D model of a different body system. These science projects are due on Monday — feel free to ask your child about this over the weekend. Monday will also be their last day of Math class with Mr. Hershiser or Mr. Barber.

In our specials, we began playing eclipse ball — a sport that is a fun mix of volleyball and tennis (PE), continued Green Home designs (Art), started presenting our sound-poem mixing projects (Music), and capped off our Puerto Rican vocabulary with a quiz on Friday (Spanish).

For service learning this year, our class (along with Mrs. Neil’s) has created a cookbook and will be fundraising for Northern Illinois Food Bank. For only $10, you can receive our digital cookbook, containing recipes from our “Taste of the World” event! Click here for a “taste” of what you will see in our cookbook. Complete the form HERE to place an order, and submit checks to the business office.

Important Dates to Know:

May 16: NWEA ELA testing

May 17: NWEA Math testing

May 23-25: Camping Trip

May 29: No school (Memorial Day)

May 30: Canoe Trip
Enjoy your weekend!

Ms. Turner and Mr. Hurwitz