Sixth Grade Gazette 4/28/17

Dear parents,

After our Passport and Taste of the World units in Social Studies, we have begun a new unit on food production and economics. Throughout the week, we compared the average budgets of families in the U.S. to families in Malawi (a poorer country in Africa). Later in the week, we studied the production and transportation of coffee, bananas, and flowers in Latin American countries. In ELA, our class is nearing the end of Red Scarf Girl and has begun writing Current Events again.

In our specials, we began playing pickleball (a tennis-like game, in PE), (Health), continued combining sounds with poems (Music), and began studying new vocabulary focused on the culture and sports of the Dominican Republic (Spanish).

Our class has been preparing a 10-minute presentation for the Green Assembly on Tuesday, 5/2. It will include a slideshow and video made by different members of our class. If available, attending this would be appreciated!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! All camping trip forms are due one week from today (Friday, 5/5). Payment for the camping trip ($65) is due Wednesday, 5/10. Without all correct forms and payment, your child will be unable to attend the camping trip.


Important Dates to Know:

May 2: Green Assembly/Earth Week Closing Ceremony (8:15 AM)

          – Some members of our class will be leading a 10 minute presentation!

May 3: Early Release at 1 PM

May 10: Final Farm 2 Table of school year! (Registration here)

May 12: Green Team Family Campfire Program

May 16: NWEA ELA testing in AM

May 17: NWEA Math testing in AM

May 23-25: Camping Trip
Enjoy your weekend!

Ms. Turner and Mr. Hurwitz