Sixth Grade Gazette 3/17/17

Dear parents,

We survived the heavy snow and it’s already melting! Inside the classroom, things have been going well too. In Social Studies, we have been completing our final travel logs (on an Australian country). Students are now in the midst of creating theme parks based on the cultures of 3 countries they have recently studied. Soon, we will all begin working on Taste of the World, which is where each student chooses a country and has to cook a specialized dish from that country. In ELA, students have begun reading Red Scarf Girl. Please make sure they are doing their assigned reading every week, with chapter 4 being due on Monday. In Science, everyone has been finishing up their study of the moon with Mrs. Neil, while cells will be the next unit in class.

In our specials, we have been learning the basics of lacrosse (PE), had an informative lesson on anxiety from Mr. L (Health), continued work on separate charcoal and glazing projects (Art), played a Kahoot [online trivia game] on the Star Spangled Banner (Music), and prepared skits on vocabulary and commands that have recently been practiced (Spanish).


As another reminder, Ms. Turner will be out next week from Monday-Wednesday, and Mr. Hurwitz will be subbing for those days.


Looking for something for your children to do over spring break? There is a STEM camp that may be interesting for them (flyer here). There is also an attachment to a summer camp opportunity on this flyer too!


Important Dates to Know:

March 22: F2T

March 27-31: No school (Spring Break)

April 11 (tentative): Taste of the World

April 13: Green Team workshop on Composting (flyer here)
Have a great weekend!

Ms. Turner and Mr. Hurwitz