Sixth Grade Gazette 10/7

Dear parents,


On Tuesday, we had our Green Assembly for the month of October! We had two guest speakers discuss the best ways to practice eating real, organic foods; that will be a focus of ours at PCCS for the month! Additionally, in the past few weeks our sixth grade class has been working together to improve on specific skills that have become the focus of each week. Some examples have been appropriateness, respect, and perseverance, with some more to come. If the class as a whole earns a tally for a class period, then they earn puzzle pieces, which can add up to a class-wide reward!

In other matters, we spent the week in Social Studies learning about different political parties, as well as their history and platforms. Everyone also took a Spanish quiz today to culminate their learning on various verb forms. In Science with Mrs. Neil, we are studying biodiversity and sustainability — talk to your child about the discussions they have been having in Science!. Additionally, in ELA we are nearing the end of Esperanza Rising, and are about halfway through our read-aloud book, Fish In A Tree!


Important Dates to Know:

October 10: No school (Columbus Day)

October 10: Cheerleading registration forms due (Form can be found here)

October 12: F2T

October 13: Boys’ basketball registration forms due (Form can be found here)

October 24: World Food Day (celebrating the week related to that)

October 31: Halloween party at 2:15 PM
Enjoy your weekend!

Ms. Turner and Mr. Hurwitz