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Sixth Grade Gazette 10/21/16

Dear parents,


It was a productive week for our sixth graders at PCCS this week! Possibly the most exciting class period this week may have been Thursday’s Social Studies lesson, where Mr. Deigan visited all students with a special idea. Mr. Deigan told students across 5th and 6th grade that they will have the privilege to elect a name for the only remaining building on campus without a name — the gym! They will carry this out using the electoral process, something they have been studying and can see all over the news in this year’s presidential election. Feel encouraged to ask your child about this process, although we have just begun the early steps of this exciting project!

In other areas, we have been getting into ratios in Math with Mr. Hershiser and Mr. Barber. In Spanish, everyone has been putting together some very humorous skits to culminate their learning of indirect pronouns. We are also getting ready to finish our learning on Esperanza Rising in ELA.


With Halloween coming up, here are a few reminders about your child’s costume:

  • No excessive violence depicted by the costume
  • No face masks or hoods which render students unrecognizable
  • No “Creepy Clown” masks or “Creepy Clown” face paint
  • No weapons of any kind, real or toy


Important Dates to Know:

October 24: World Food Day (celebrating the week related to that)

October 31: Halloween party at 2:15 PM

November 1: Green Assembly at 8:15 AM

November 2: Early Release at 1 PM

November 4: End of First Trimester
Enjoy your weekend!

Ms. Turner and Mr. Hurwitz