September 7, 2015 Update

Greetings Third Grade Parents,

This is coming to you late since we were “up North” for the long weekend checking in with the renovations on the family cabin.  We were quite surprised to wake up to flash flooding on the nearby lake and creek.  Needless to say, roads were closed and our return trip took twice as long!

This is a short “academic” week, especially due to the NWEA testing on Tuesday and Thursday this week.


ELA:  Readers’ Workshop:  This week we are going to work on CAFE strategy, “Monitor and Fix Up” and “Asking Questions”.  Students will use mentor texts by Kevin Henkes and complete organizers (the kids call them frames) to identify Key Features and then create illustrations that represent the key features of an independent reading book and then make a book advertisement that integrates the key features into the project.  Spelling Core Words: some, do these, would, other, into, has, more, her, two.  Content words are from math:  combine, addition, tens, hundreds, estimate.  Writing will focus on digging deeper into their ideas and expanding their ideas into detailed stories and creating a “heart map” of interests to serve as a source of ideas.  They will also begin a two-day writing assignment to assess narrative writing form.

Math:  Upcoming this week we are going to continue addition of  three digit numbers using the “break-apart” method, otherwise known as partial sums.  Students will play “Capture on the 300 Chart” and “Collections Match” to work on rounding, estimating, and addition.  Students will be introduced to starter problems as a strategy to begin addition solutions.

Science/SS:  This week most of our Science time will be given to NWEA testing, so we will wrap up our study of light with a look at lenses, both concave and convex.  This will help students understand how the eye works too.

Environmental Education:  On Tuesday we will have our Green Challenge Assembly with the focus on Recycling.  Classes will be monitoring the recycle bin for recycle errors.  We will review with students what items can be recycled, read a few books, and experience a few other classroom activities to review recycling.  On Wednesday we hope to go outside for our second phenology lesson.

Dates to Remember:

9/8       Green Challenge Assembly,   NWEA:  ELA

9/10     NWEA:  Math

9/14-9/18  Attendance and Spirit Week