September 27, 2015 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

Beautiful weather last week and looking forward to more this upcoming week.

Last week students participated in guided reading groups with a focus on informational text, solved distance problems in math using number lines and “bar” models, completed a “lost dog” story, and experimented with how sound travels.  Farm to Table was a huge success with about half our class participating.

Academics this week;

ELA:  In Readers’ Workshop we will switch to fables or myths in literary texts in CAFE’ and in small reading groups.  Students are working on comprehension, vocabulary, cause and effect, sequencing, and test-taking skills.  Each student will have a packet for reading with the text and several activities to complete.  Note that at the top of each page will be the due date specific for that group/text.  Spelling homework will follow the regular schedule this week. Core Words:  way, find, use, may, water, long, little, very, after, words.  Content:  Aesop, fables, lesson, moral, metaphor.  Writers’ Workshop:  This week students are going to develop a “heart map” of interests that they can use to write a short narrative.  Your child may bring his or her journal home to complete the story.  Later in the week we will complete our final writing benchmark for informational writing.  These three (narrative, persuasive, and informational) benchmarks will serve to guide instruction and to monitor individual progress in writing.

Math:  This unit is very long and we are nearing the end, I promise!  Next week students will work on comparison and remainder strategies for subtraction.  We will use number lines and bar models again.

Science:  We will wrap up our sound unit with musical vibrations, volume, and pitch.  Students will end the week with a written activity supported by our informational text.  We will celebrate with a Bill Nye video:  “The Science of Music”.

Environmental Education:  This week is Nature Journals!  We have chosen Prairie Smoke Pond as our focus for study.  We still need a parent volunteer to cover the student journals with contact paper.  Let me know and I will send supplies and journals home.

Dates to Remember:

9/29     Hearing and Vision screening

OK…looks like a pretty calm week for third grade!  Don’t forget to check the updated classroom event calendar and the homework calendar.

Have a great week!