September 20, 2015 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

Our Attendance Week was very successful!  Each day we had many students participate in the Spirit Initiatives.  Here is an adorable picture of a student engaging in “Listen to Reading” during Spirit Week.


Academics this week:

Literacy:  Readers’ Workshop:  We will continue our study of informative texts, but will switch our focus to smaller group work in guided reading groups.  Students are engaging in all parts of Daily 5 each day and doing a great job.  Their teachers from second grade laid a strong foundation.  All students will be responsible for their sort words and the Core and Content words.  Core Words:  its, who, now, people, my, made, over, did, down, only.  Content Words: system, part, element, model, boundary.  In Writers’ Workshop we will complete an opinion writing prompt that I will use to guide instruction in the future.  Students are also creating a story about a lost dog which they will finish by the end of the week.  I will also begin paragraph writing in mini lessons over the next two weeks.  We will focus on topic maintenance, adding details, and organizing writing on notebook paper.

Math:  This week in math we will continue to work on subtraction, both the concept and accuracy of fact recall.  We will use number lines to visually represent subtraction and introduce word problems involving distance.  We will NOT use the traditional subtraction algorithm this week, so understand that your child may not know the traditional method yet.

Science/SS:  This week we are going to continue our work on the properties of sound:  How Sound Travels, How We Hear Sounds, How Sound Travels Through Different Mediums, and Sound Can Bounce.  I have been working with two professors from National Louis University to integrate Systems Thinking concepts into our classroom.  The lesson on Thursday will integrate this concept and the content words are “systems thinking” vocabulary words.  The definition of  these words will come from the science lesson and may differ from the “usual” definition.  I am also beginning a curriculum called, Mind Up, that will teach children about the functions of their brains and how we can tap into the power of our brain and breath to improve concentration and our emotional health.

Book Buddies:  Yippee!!  Mrs. Jackson’s class will be visiting us on Wednesday afternoon for reading and a craft.

Specials:  All specials will follow the usual schedule this week.

Farm to Table is this week on Wednesday.  Our scheduled time in the barn is from 11;50 – 12:25.  We will have a small recess prior to lunch and then go right from the barn to Art class.

Dates to Remember:

9/23     Farm to Table

9/29     Hearing and Vision Screening (am)

10/6     Green Challenge Assembly

10/9    Early Release

10/12   No School:  Columbus Day

Mrs. Martinek is working hard to get the volunteer/event calendar linked to the webpage.  Please be patient as we work to get everyone connected.  In the meantime, if you want to join us for recess/lunch, contact her directly.

Enjoy your week!

Cynthia McGovern