Secret Snowman, Gift Exchange

Greetings Parents,

As you may have already heard, the ⅚ grade-band has a tradition known as “secret snowman”. This is a volunteer-based gift exchange that students may participate in, prior to leaving for winter break. If your family elects to have your child participate, this is the schedule for the students’ exchange in our classroom:

  • Tuesday, 12/15: student brings a clue for their peer, about who the “snowman” is. This could be on a note-card, post it, etc and placed in their mailbox or locker
  • Wednesday, 12/16: bring a second clue/note for the assigned peer, with an optional $1.00 gift
  • Thursday, 12/17: bring a gift ($12-$15 max) wrapped and tagged for your peer (please leave the “snowman” name blank)

I understand a gift exchange is not for everyone; please know I respect your family’s decision either way. A permission form will be coming home with students today. Please have your child return the permission form to me by this Friday, December 11th so I may sort students’ information sheets, prior to the weekend.

Thank you! Have a lovely evening.