September’s Green Challenge: Recycling

Students had a great time incorporating September’s Green Challenge (Recycling) into our scarecrow project this week. After a brainstorming session with our wonderful volunteers on Monday, students began to work on creating our Maleficent scarecrow. They decided to use the items in the following ways:

  • water bottles and used tights/stockings to create Maleficent’s horns
  • plastic cracker containers to create the form of our scarecrow’s body
  • old posterboard, newspaper and plastic bags to form wings
  • plastic bags, newspaper and pipe cleaners to build Maleficent’s crow

We are wrapping up the project today, with Mr. Thomas joining the collaboration. Thank you to everyone involved in making this fun and festive project a success! Here are a few pictures from the week.

IMG_1676  IMG_1674 IMG_1672 IMG_1666
Final photo coming soon…