Room 21 Register – 9/13/19

Greetings everyone,

We have another fantastic week on the books – students really showed their spirit this week by participating in our Attendance Week themes (click here for photos)! Next week we will continue constructing artifacts for our *top secret* culture in SS, and moving into our study of characterization in ELA. Once students have completed SS artifacts, we will be digging in the garden beds – students who can donate a tarp for us to use during the “dig” will be awarded 30 Hawks Tickets per tarp (max 3).

A few notes:

  • Today’s salad dressing-making in math was a success! Next week the entire grade-band will get in on the fun, by participating in our annual ⅚ Tomato Jubilee cooking day! In order to make this event possible, we need additional food donations and parent volunteers – please click here if you are interested and able to contribute in any way. You will also find the recipes linked in the spreadsheet above, in case you wish to review them for dietary reasons. We are asking for all food donations to be sent to school by next Thursday.

  • Here is the link to the 6th Grade Homework Calendar. Students also have access to this calendar, and it is projected for them at the end of each school day, to use while they complete their assignment notebook. It is not intended for students to have more than ~60 min of homework on a given night; if you notice your child taking considerably longer, please contact us.

  • Students’ final round of fall testing will take place next Monday and Wednesday, at 9 am. We’re very pleased with the efforts they have put forth so far; please encourage them to keep putting their best foot forward by getting a good night’s sleep and eating breakfast in the morning. Once testing has been completed, math classes will be finalized and entered into Powerschool.

Important Dates

  • 9/16: Carson Building Curriculum Night, 6-7 pm

  • 9/18: Early Release, 1 pm

  • 9/20: Natural Leader Assembly, 8:15 am; Tomato Jubilee, 9:30-12:30 am

Have a fantastic weekend!

-Ms. Turner & Mr. Stewart