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Room 21 Register – 4/10/2020

Hello everyone,

Sending positive vibes out to all, hoping this first FULL week of eLearning went well. Next week we will be wrapping up current areas of study, so be sure to keep going strong and communicate if you would like support of any kind! 🙂

Today we have a few brief announcements:

  • Prior to the school’s closure in March, we had planned to begin preparing masks for the Social Studies Wax Museum presentation in mid-April. Given the eLearning circumstances, creating a mask is no longer a requirement for this project. If we are back in school in May, there will be an opportunity to create masks at that time

  • If you are looking for additional social-emotional support at home, consider exploring this new website from Mrs. Gernady and the student services team

  • Reminder to students: please do not be on multiple devices during Zoom meetings. Zooms are a special time to connect with our classes, and only 6th graders & staff at PCCS should be present (please no FaceTimes to other people during meetings)

  • Starting next week, Friday Zoom sessions will be known as “Fun Friday”; in addition to still having a chance to check-in/ask questions/share, there will also be a fun challenge or activity to participate in

  • Lastly, next week’s spirit week themes are:

  • Monday 4/13: Hat Day

  • Tuesday 4/14: Kindness Counts! (Share a picture of yourself doing something kind! Helping a sibling with their work, setting the table…)

  • Wednesday 4/15: Sock-it To Sickness (Show us your crazy or mis-matched socks)

  • Thursday 4/16: Thankful Thursday (Send a picture of something you are thankful for)

  • Friday 4/17:  FRI-YAY, Fun Day! (Share a picture of you crafting, drawing a picture, planting, or even building something!)

Happy weekend!

-Ms. Turner & Mr. Stewart