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Room 21 Register – 2/14/2020

Greetings all,

It was a successful week in 6th grade. Students continued practicing their constructed response writing skills by reflecting on the setting of Zootopia and began new dystopian novels in ELA. Their reading should be completed by Wednesday each week so that they may prepare their packet/role for a peer meeting on Thursdays or Fridays. Novels will be completed by March 6th.

In social studies students began collaborating in small groups on our latest project: 3D Mapping the Nile (rubric here). Also this week, students started a new Enrichment rotation. This begins our third session (of four). The second rotation’s Podcast/Magazine group is ready to publish! Click here to read the second edition.

Finally, the school is collecting students’ t-shirt sizes for the spring. Please complete this short form to share your child(ren)’s sizes, by February 21st.

Important Dates

  • Wed 2/26: Early Release, 1 PM

  • Fri 2/28: End of Trimester 2

Enjoy your weekend!

-Ms. Turner & Mr. Stewart