Room 21 Register – 10/18/19

Hello families,

In 4-days, students accomplished so much learning this week! In social studies, students defined “systems thinking” vocabulary and have been prepared to view civilizations & their development over time through this lens. They also started reading about early hominids and change over time.

In ELA students are almost done reading their first novel of the year. They have also started a character study, using our read aloud book Refugee as source material. Next week, students will be introduced to the final project that goes along with our characterization unit, and meet with their lit circle groups for the last time.

Thank you to everyone, for supporting the 3rd/4th grade’s cider sale! Click here to view a photo of my homeroom class enjoying the opportunity to sip apple cider on a lovely autumn day.

Important Dates

Happy weekend!

-Ms. Turner & Mr. Stewart

Roxanne Turner
Sixth Grade Teacher
Prairie Crossing Charter School