Psimaras Post 10/3/2020


Dear Parents, 
As the air becomes crisp and cool, we encourage our students to enjoy the autumn season with its beautiful colorful foliage. Ms. Naomi spent our EE class this week taking an outside tour of the school grounds near our classrooms to show the changes in our gardens and native plants. It is definitely the time of year to take a nature hike to see all what nature has to offer!
Math news: Our Unit 1 Test is this week Wednesday. Students worked hard to learn multiplication strategies, volume, area, expressions, equations with the use of parentheses. Please remind your child to complete the problems from the Unit 1 Study Guide. We will do a final review in class beginning next week.I would like to email you a PDF of the test on Tuesday if you are interested in printing a copy of it for your child for Wednesday’s class. Wednesday, during our morning and afternoon math class times, students will take the test. I will provide a digital form of the test as well as an option. Completed tests can be returned to school by placing them in the Orange Folder for Wednesday afternoon’s Supply Pick Up/Drop Off. Unit 2 will cover several models: money, clocks, double number lines, and tables. These models will help find the equivalent fractions needed to compare, add, and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. As NWEA testing is being completed, we will be contacting you shortly about accelerated math placements.
Science news: We hope you had a chance to play your child’s catapult game. Such creative ideas were developed as they came up with their own objectives, rules, procedures, and strategies. We have some future game designers! Both the catapults grades sheets, Catapult C Student Log and Catapult Game will be returned to your child in their Drop Off/Pick Up folder on Wednesday. Thank you for all your support during our catapult experiments! We hope the whole family made this unit a learning experience. Next week starts our unit on sustainability.
A big thank you to our classroom coordinators: Mrs. Dayna Lorentz (Psimaras/King Homeroom) and Mrs. Lovessa Gloria (Neil/Zimmerman Homeroom) who volunteered to partner with our classrooms and families. We appreciate your time, organization, and communication!
PCCS Decorative Corn Sale!
Add some fall decor to your door with a corn bundle grown right here at PCCS!
WHEN:  Sale will take place during the  materials exchange on Oct. 7, 3 pm until limited supplies are gone.
WHERE:  Parking lot in front of Carson building (near fire pit).
COST:  $5 per bundle, regardless of size.  
PAYMENT:  Cash or check made out to PCCS only, exact change only (we will not have change available).  

Wednesday, October 7:  Materials Pick Up at PCCS 1-3pm 

Thursday, October 8:  Early Release @ 1pom

Friday, October 9 – Monday, October 12:  No School

Have a great weekend!

Warm regards,

Mrs. Psimaras and Miss King