Projects Over the Next Week

Students are wrapping up 2 of our units during the final week of March, and have a variety of projects to be working on while on spring break. For ELA, students should have completed their literature circle book and are now selecting 3 mini-projects from this description here (rubric included). These will be due Thursday, March 31st. I will be giving students work time on these in class today and tomorrow to get them started, but suggest they finish at least 1 or 2 of these mini-projects while on break.

In social studies, students are creating a pyramid as their final presentation of knowledge after our Egyptian unit. This reading was provided, and students must create a 3-D pyramid with examples of knowledge gained from the unit on each face of the pyramid. They should use these essential questions as a guide. They have creative freedom over how complex and creative their pyramid is. It can be a paper diorama, or origami, or made of clay, etc. The caveat is that each students’ individual pyramid should be decorated in the style of their “social class”. Ask you student if they are a farmer, scribe, noble, priest/admin or artisan. Students were given some work time earlier today in class and will also have about an hour and a half of time tomorrow. This project is due Wednesday, March 30th.

Lastly, there is an extra credit opportunity in ELA over break. Students have the option to create a suitcase-style artifact bag for a character from their literature circle book. Similar to the project we did during 1st trimester, the bag should be filled with 5 items the selected character would bring with them on a trip. Students should then write a short paragraph explaining where this character would vacation to, and why they choose to bring the 5 selected items. The final day to turn this in is Wednesday, March 30th.


I hope everyone has a marvelous break! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about these projects.