Prevention Discussion on May 4, 2016

Dear Parents,

On May 4th, our class  will participate in a Prevention Discussion presented by Caryn Meyer, School Social Worker. The yearly discussion is required by Erin’s Law which has been passed by the State of Illinois.  

The purpose of the presentation is to teach our students to recognize and cope with potentially difficult or risky situations.  The students will learn strategies of assertiveness, peer support and respect for differences.

The presentation will specifically cover:

  • Identifying the three basic rights of all people:  The right to be “safe”, “strong” and “free”

  • Discussion of Gender Roles (i.e. how students view members of the opposite sex)

  • Discussion of the meaning of “Objectification” (how we label people based on what we think that they are like)

  • Discussion of the definition of Sexual Harassment and what it “looks like” (physical, verbal, visual)

  • Discussion of the feelings/emotions of the person being sexually harassed, the bystander, and the person who is exhibiting the sexual harassment behaviors

  • Discussion of the difference between sexual harassment and flirting

  • Discussion to identify the short and long term effects that sexual harassment can have on the person experiencing it, the bystander, and the person who is the sexual harasser

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Caryn Meyer directly at 847-543-7924