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Physical Education – February 2018

February 2018, students in 3rd-8th grade will begin fitness testing during the 2nd trimester.

The Fitness Gram assessment will consist of 4 tests.

  • The Pacer Test (15m)
  • Curl Up Test (situps)
  • Push Up Test
  • Flexibility (sit & reach)

All scores will be recorded and sent to the State of Illinois for record keeping. As this is now a state mandate for all students, accommodations are available for students that need them. Please encourage your child to do their best during the exams.  Students will be given practice time prior to testing to learn the testing expectations and procedures.  These annual fitness assessments provide the Physical Education Department with anecdotal data that will help to maintain healthy fitness levels throughout the school year and to track student growth from year to year.

The next team sport unit for students is Floor Hockey.  Students will be learning skills on puck handling, movement within tight spaces, partner passing and patterns, small game play, offensive and defensive strategies, large game format, rules, and game expectations.  All students will be required to wear safety goggles during all floor hockey classes to prevent accidental injuries that might occur.  Student safety is paramount for all students as players will not be allowed to check players at any time during the unit.  Students will enjoy this unit as they get to improve their hand-eye coordination, increase their own fitness levels, develop an appreciation for a team sport, and possibly get excited about watching their local hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks.