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Phase 4C Begins Tomorrow

Dear 5th Grade Parents and Students,
Now that spring is in the air, we hope you’ve begun to enjoy the bright colors of the season. We are excited for everyone, whether coming back to school or staying at home, to enjoy more time outdoors. We’ll be adding time for hiking and exploring to our schedule in the weeks ahead.

ELA News: We will continue to work with both fiction and nonfiction passages as we practice citing text evidence in our writing when responding to what we’ve read. Using multiple sources, students will continue to construct responses using this evidence to support a claim. We will be giving the spelling test on Week 4 words this Wednesday and begin working on new words for Week 5. All students should complete their spelling activities to prepare for their test and bring them back to school when in person or at our next supply drop off and pick up.

Social Studies News: Our journey across the country continues as we make our way through the Midwest Region. All students should have both maps of the Midwest completed by Monday to prepare for their quiz on states, capitals, and abbreviations. This quiz will now be given on Tuesday instead of Monday as originally planned. After the quiz, we will move into our last two regions, the Northwest and the Southwest.

Math News: This week, students are dividing fractions by fractions and whole numbers with an emphasis on relating fractions to real-world scenarios. They will be working on problems in their “Fraction Packet” (which includes a blank copy of the pretest), Student Book, and Home Connection Book. The digital unit test on multiplying and dividing fractions is Thursday and Friday this week and given to all students.

Shin Math News: This week, students will continue studying the coordinate plane. Students extend their knowledge of the ordering of rational numbers in one dimension to the two-dimensional space of the coordinate plane. This is the last topic of Module 3 and will carry over into next week. Students can expect to take the Module 3 End-of-Module Assessment next week Friday.

Science News: Students are learning about gravity and its effect on Earth. They will study features of the moon, including moon phases. They will need to bring their Gravity Packet to class every day.

EE: Students received feedback from Ms. Naomi about their environmental issues they have been investigating. The groups will share their information during Earth Week.

On Monday we will begin our new Enrichment groups. Each student completed an interest survey and was placed in one of four groups led by the 5th grade team. Ask your students which group they’ll be joining! These Enrichment groups will meet three times each week.

Attached is the schedule for Spirit Week created by the Spirit Action team of our Student Council. We are looking forward to showing lots of spirit beginning Monday at PCCS!

Important Dates:
04/12/2021 Phase 4C Return in Person
04/16/2021 Materials pick up day for REMOTE ONLY students from 8:00-4:30
04/19/2021 Earth Week Begins
04/22/2021 Natural Leader Assembly