Peace Week

As we celebrate the life and achievements of Martin Luther King, Jr. tomorrow, we reflect on the importance of making the world a better place with PCCS Peace Week. On Tuesday and throughout the week, we have planned various school wide and classroom activities that will encourage us all to remember the acts of courage and kindness – both big and small – that make a difference. In addition, we will also be celebrating School Choice week beginning with “Yellow Scarf” day on Tuesday. Please remind your child to wear their school choice scarves!
This Tuesday we are excited to cheer on 5th graders Tristan Padilla, Francesca Billoto, Noel Joseph, and Bridget Russ at our school spelling bee! Best of luck to all four of them! In ELA we will have spelling tests of our own for SBSN Spellers, Llamacorns, Puppies, and Taco Cats on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will advertise our inventions from our invention essays in a “Shark Tank” format. Students will have a chance to invest “money” in the products of their classmates. May the best inventor win! Connect Five Reading Logs #2 were assigned last Friday and will be due this Friday. All students should be writing five strong paragraph responses to the books (their choice) they are reading.
In social studies, we continue to work on our National Park research papers. By Tuesday, all students should have completed at least five notecards of information to write their five paragraph report. Both classes will be given class time to work on these written reports this week. Reports should be turned into Google Classroom by Friday and notecards (including a bibliography card for each source used) will be collected on Friday as well. I am somewhat concerned that a few students are falling behind on this project since they haven’t been making the best use of their time in class. Please check in with your student to ensure they are on track to finish this report by Friday. After the written reports are completed, students will be working in groups of four to begin a PowerPoint presentation to share with their classmates. These presentations will begin on January 31st.
Thank you to Mrs. McArthur for chaperoning our field trip to the Field Museum last Thursday. It was a fun day, and everyone learned so much. I encourage you to visit with your family as our three hours there barely scratched the surface of all of the amazing exhibits the museum has to offer!