Partnering on Homework

Tonight your child will be coming home with a sheet about “Text Features”. We have been studying informational text features in class over the past 2 days. Their assignment is to explain each of the features on this page to an adult at home. I will know this is done by signal of the golden ticket. “What is the golden ticket”, you say? Why, your signature of course! I will gladly accept these sheets back Monday, but students may have until Friday (11/13) to turn in this assignment. Please let me know if you foresee an issue, as I am happy to accommodate your family.

We will be continuing to learn about and utilize text features when students start researching for their individual informative writing on Dinosaurs, during second trimester. We will also be learning about text structure, and how differently information may be conveyed in books about similar topics. There are five types of text structure that students will be learning about next week: descriptive, sequential, cause and effect, problem/solution, and compare/contrast.

Ask you students what they think about text features. Why are they there? Are they actually helpful? How might we recognize them when reading a new book for the first time?