PARCC Testing in April (Days & Helpful Info)

The 5th Grade PARCC testing schedule is:
Monday, April 4 (Math 1) 
Tuesday, April 5 (Math 2)
Wednesday, April 6 (Math 3)
Monday, April 11 (ELA 1)
Wednesday, April 13 (ELA 2)
Monday, April 25 from (ELA 3)
Tuesday, April 26 from (Math 4)

  • Headphones will be needed for the tests, so please send your child with a pair (preferably in a zip-lock bag with their name on it) that can stay at school for the month of April.

Here  are some helpful pieces of information:

  • 5th grade will begin testing the week of April 4th.  There will be 1 test per day, with 7 tests spanning the month of April.
  • Most tests will take place first thing in the morning, so please do your best to have your child arrive to school on time. 
  • A good night’s sleep and a sufficient breakfast are both major support for students’ feeling prepared for success.
  • All testing will be done via Chromebook. Students MUST bring their Chromebook to school fully charged. It would also be helpful to have them keep the charger in their backpack, just in case.
  • There will be 3 English language arts/literacy (ELA) assessments. These focus on writing effectively when analyzing text.
  • There will be 4 Mathematics assessments. These will focus on applying skills and concepts, and understanding multi-step problems that require abstract reasoning and modeling real-world problems, precision, perseverance, and strategic use of tools. 
  • Questions will be in the style of written-response and fill-in-the-blank. 
  • Some portion of the Math assessments may allow a student reference sheet. This is for fifth grade only (likely relating to conversions).
  • For all tests, students will always be allowed scratch paper and a pencil. These will be collected after testing.