October’s Green Challenge: Trash-free Lunches

On Tuesday this week, PCCS started October’s Green Challenge – Trash Free Lunch!  We know that many of you already pack trash-free lunches, which is awesome. This month, students will learn more about why’s it is important, what impact it can have, and what more can we do to reduce our waste creation during meal-times.

Here are some fun facts to get you thinking about how and why Trash-free Lunches are important:

  1.       The average US household spends $85 per year on disposable bags.  This means that even if some reusable containers are lost-and-not-found, you can still save money over using throw-away baggies.
  2.       School lunch garbage averages to over 67 lbs. per student per school year (US average)
  3.       About 3 million juice boxes are sold each year in the US.  They cannot be recycled because the plastic, aluminum and paper can’t be separated.  The juice also costs about 2-3 ¢per ounce more than comparable juice sold in larger bottles.

For 5 simple tips on how to go trash free with your lunches, click here. Or you can visit: http://www.wastefreelunches.org 

Let’s keep trying to be trash-free!