October 4, 2015 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

What a big change in the weather over this week.  Be sure to send your child in layers to stay warm outside and comfy inside.

Last week we wrapped up our introduction to fables with Aesop’s fables, learned about metaphors in fables, and compared and contrasted elements within fables.  In writing we completed a benchmark informational writing piece.  In math we completed our last investigation in Unit 3 and will be testing next week.  We had our last lesson on the properties of sound and learned about the science of music.

October 5 is National Anti-Bullying Day.  The school will sponsor several activities at school in observance during the week. On Monday each student is invited to wear blue.  Each day in our class will have a lesson led by the Instructional Assistants.  On Friday there will be an assembly in the gym at 8:15, at 12:15 there will be the annual Staff v. Students soccer game, followed by early release at 1:00.


ELA:  This week in reading we are going to begin our third grade unit on Mythology by reading The Chocolate Touch. Each student will have access to a school copy and it may go home.  Please encourage your child to read to you and ask him or her for clarification and explanation of what has been read.  They will have a packet of questions and activities to complete over the next few weeks.  The students will be eager to read ahead, which is fine, but students will have to reread when we complete the reading packet.  Students will be encouraged to write their ideas as they read on sticky notes and place them in their books.  Spelling sort words will be in the spelling notebooks for you to review with your child.   Core Words:  called, just, where, most, know, get, through, back, much, go.  Content Words:  explore, discovery, observe, specimen, habitat.  In writing we will learn the process of adding sensory words to our writing, choose a “see” idea from our journals, and begin a draft on the yellow draft paper.

Math:  Yes, the time is finally here!  This week students will move from using counting charts and number lines for subtraction!  I will introduce them to the traditional subtraction algorithm, both with and without regrouping.  I think the kids will refer to this as “stack and borrow”.  On Thursday we will complete a review study guide in class and it will be sent home for review.  The test will be on Friday.

Social Studies:  Our focus will switch from Science to Social Studies as we begin a unit on Explorers to the New World.  This unit will set the foundation for our study of Colonial America.  We will begin by creating our own observation form for recording discoveries and then take the form out in the field to complete.  Students will then answer questions in small groups about reasons to explore, participate in a small group games, and then we will make mini books on the Seven Reasons for Exploration.

Specials:  This week students will need to bring a map of South America if at all possible.  They are going to participate in a mapping activity on Wednesday.

Dates to Remember:

10/5     Wear Blue

10/6     Green Challenge Assembly, 8:15

10/9     PBIS Assembly, 8:15

Soccer Game, 12:15

Early Release

10/12    No School, Columbus Day

10/14    Farm to Table

Be sure to contact Lisa Martinek to volunteer.  I know that we are looking for help for the Halloween Party.  Thanks to all the parents who have come in so far.


Cynthia McGovern