October 30, 2016 Update

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Happy Halloween!  Our house is really busy right now…lots of family watching the World Series and with each exciting play, Nala cheers along with an enthusiastic bark!

Last week we had the chance to journal in the leaves…

Writing about the life of leaves.

Writing about the life of leaves.

So engaged!

So engaged!

This is a keeper!

This is a keeper!

Housekeeping:  This is the last week of the first trimester!  Friday will be the last day for students to turn in any late or missing work.  Please have your child check around for any ungraded papers and turn in for credit.

Academics this week:

ELA:  In Readers’ Workshop students will finish Mythology with reading Jason and the Golden Fleece, understanding the basics of opera, and complete a “Greek Gods Guide Book” with follow up questions and learn about the Trojan Horse.  Spelling words are:  Core:  hour, happened, foot, care, low, else, gold, build, glass, rock.  Content:  glacier, erosion, deposition, drumlin, kettle.  We will have grammar practice two days this week and work on combining sentences and punctuation.  In Writers’ Workshop students will edit and write their narrative story.  We have been using a new concept for revision:  students assume a “lens” and revise their work with that lens in their minds.  For example, a simile/metaphor lens will encourage students to add similes and metaphors to their narrative.  When we edit, students will use lenses for paragraphs, spelling, capital letters, and grammar.  Students will practice keyboarding on Tuesday afternoon.

Math:  In math this week we will wrap up work from last week:  understanding how to deal with remainders in division,  completing partial quotient problems with remainders, and using context to interpret remainders in story problems.  I expect that we will have a summative assessment the week of November 7th on division strategies.

SS:  This week students will learn about a really cool event in Illinois history:  glaciers!  Our rich farmland is a result of years and years of glaciation with the deposition of nutrient rich till left behind after the recession of the glaciers. We will use our Illinois Our Home text, view a teacher-created slide show (Thank you, Mrs. Painter!), and watch a DVD about Glacier National Park.  I am thinking about creating edible glaciers, but we’ll see…).  Students will also be introduced to the idea of Natural Features vs. Human Features and will survey the Prairie Crossing to collect data on both features.

Earthkeepers: Y Key contract and yellow book is due on Friday morning, first thing!  Prompt your child to complete the requirements and to return the contract and book on time.

Field Trip:  On Wednesday we are going to the opera!  We will be attending Jason and the Argonauts at CLC, presented by the Lyric Opera.  We will leave at 9:00 and return by 12:00.  Students will have lunch and recess before early release at 1:00.  Please discuss proper behavior at a performance.  Some students even like to dress up and that is fine.

Halloween Party:  Our party begins around 2:15 with the parade.  Be sure to check our class calendar to sign up for any missing items or to volunteer.  There is a link to a google doc to sign up.

Green Challenge:  Green Challenge for November is Celebrating Our Values at PCCS.  Our values are: Environmental Learning, Academic Excellence, Partnerships with Parents, and Personal Responsibility.  We will have our Green Challenge Assembly on November 1 at 8:15 in the gym.

If you have questions about anything at all, please let me know!

Dates to Remember:

10/31:     Halloween Party, 2:15

11/1:        Green Assembly, 8:15

11/2:        Early Release, 1:00

11/4:        End of Trimester 1

11/9:        Diwali Assembly (times vary by class)

11/11:       Veteran’s Day Assembly, 8:30 – 9:00