October 18, 2015 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

Looks like last week we finally plunged “hat and mittens” first into fall.  I noticed that the frost on Friday night withered my remaining tomato plants.  We did a super-quick final tomato harvest on Friday evening.  With the chilly nights comes cold mornings and warmer afternoons.  Plan to dress your child like an onion, lots of layers.  Remind your child that he or she needs to take home the warmer jacket that was shed during the day and forgotten in the locker. The classroom is cool in the morning too, so a light sweater or fleece jacket that can live at school would be wonderful.

Seems like Fall is birthday season in our room.  Recent classroom gifts include rechargeable batteries from Noah and a gift card for the Guinea pigs from Megan.  Thanks to both of you!

Here are some pictures from our recent field trip to Raven Glen East.

Making maps for Mrs. Larson's class.

Making maps for Mrs. Larson’s class.

Love the eyes on Rania's hat!

Love the eyes on Rania’s hat!

Funeral for Grasshopper.

Funeral for Grasshopper.

Academics this week:

ELA:  We are going to continue reading Chocolate Touch this week.  Students will do some work at school and finish up at home.  On the days that we cover two chapters, their work will be due in two days.  Your child may find it necessary to engage in Read to Someone at home to stay on schedule and that is fine. Spelling this week is regular, no compressed homework assignments. Core Words:  right, look, think, also, around, another, came, come, work, three. Content Words:  Ericson, Cabot, Vespucci, Verrazano, Cartier.  In Writing we are going to have Grammar Boot Camp this week with a strong focus on nouns:  singular, plural, and proper.

Math:  After some preassessments, I found that students needed some work on perimeter before we introduce area. I have found that once I introduce area, they have a hard time remembering perimeter, so we are going to spend an few extra days on perimeter this week before moving on the area.  Once we begin area, we are going to connect the “array” concept of area to multiplication facts.  PLEASE begin working on memorizing the facts at home.  In a few weeks we will begin on Rocket Math which is a tracking program, not an instructional program.  (The drill and kill is up to you all. This is not your grandma’s math!)

Social Studies:  This week we are going to continue our exploration of Early Explorers to the New World.  Students will finish their mini books on the Seven Reasons for Exploration and begin a new mini book on the explorers to the eastern coast of North America.  We will begin with the Vikings (1002) and work our was to Hernando de Soto (1539).  For the third grade, eight explorers is more than enough to study.  Each for the next two weeks, we will read about the explorer, understand the reasons and effects of the exploration, locate the route across the Atlantic, and add them to the Timeline of Exploration mini book.

Music:  Visit Ms. Stanbury’s webpage for information on recorders.  I understand that she has an order sheet that you can access to order a recorder for your child.

Our squash runneth over…We are planning to conduct a fundraiser with the left over butternut squash.  Ms. Moyer put together several butternut squash recipes and Mrs. Conlon is sending us a recipe from the Farm to Table menu. If you would like to make a donation, we will send home a butternut squash and recipes for you all to enjoy.  We plan to use the money raised to donate to the Sustainable Schoolyard Program and the Farm to Table program.  This opportunity will be open to third and fourth grade families first and then to all PCCS families.  Please send us your donation and we will send home the squash and recipes for you to enjoy!

I will be in Madison from October 21 – 24 for the Midwest Environmental Education Conference (MEEC) to present on our partnership with NLU students through our Nature Backpack Lessons.  Mrs. Krissek will be in charge.

Dates to Remember:

10/14 – 10/26:  Bernie’s Book Drive (Birth – 6th grade books only)

10/21:  Early Release

10/21:  Flu shots in lounge 1:30 – 3:30

10/30:  Halloween Parade (2:00) and Party

Have a wonderful week and remember to pack trash free every day!

Cynthia McGovern