October 12, 2015 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

Hoping that this find everyone healthy, happy, and ready to return to school tomorrow!

Last week we began our unit on Greek myths through an introduction using King Midas and the Golden Touch. Students completed story maps that included characters, setting, lesson, and theme.  In Writing we added sensory words to our writing using Owl Moon and Hello Ocean as mentor texts.  We completed math unit 3 on place value, addition, and subtraction.  In Social Studies we began our unit on explorers to the New World by making our own page to use for discoveries and brainstormed reasons for exploration.

Green Challenge is Trash Free Snack and Lunch.  Students are “competing” to stay trash free all month!

Academics this week:

ELA:  In Reading this week we are going to continue our study of Green mythology with the story, The Chocolate Touch.  This story parallels The Midas Touch with the story of a boy who is obsessed with chocolate.  John has trouble in school when his school supplies turn in to chocolate.  And, just like King Midas, John has mounting problems with his family and friends.  We will read this book as a whole class over the next few weeks.  Spelling Core Words:  good, new, write, our, me, man, too, only, day, same.  Content:  devour, practice, reprove, declined, route. We are going to practice our Farm to Table presentation during Writing early in the week.  Peter Fisher, education professor from NLU, will lead a vocabulary lesson on Tuesday afternoon as part of our partnership with the university.

Math:  We are going to pretest Unit 4 on area, perimeter, and arrays this week.  Students will spend a week or so on measuring with standard and metric units.  Then we will study the concept of perimeter and area as a foundation for multiplication.  In about two weeks, students will begin Rocket Math, which is a multiplication fact fluency tracking program.  It does not provide drill, students will have to practice their facts on their own.

Social Studies:  We are going to create a booklet of the Seven Reasons for Exploration and a flip book that highlights the Viking expeditions to Vineland (Newfoundland??).  On Thursday, the 15th, we are going to Raven Glen forest preserve for an expedition to an “unknown” habitat.  Be sure that your child dresses for the weather.

Dates to Remember:

  • 10/12  NO SCHOOL
  • 10/14  Farm to Table   Our class presents at 11:20 and eat at 11:50.
  • 10/15  Field trip to Raven Glen, 9-2
  • 10/21 – 10/24  Midwest Environmental Education Conference in Madison, WI.  I will be out of school as a presenter.
  • 10/21  Early Release

Have a wonderful week!