NWEA Testing Schedule, Chromebook Expectations, & Spelling

Here are some quick notes:

  • NWEA testing will be next week. Students in my math class will take their math test with me, Monday (8/31) at 9:20. Students in Ms. Stefans’ math class will take their math test with her, Tuesday (9/1) at 9:20. My homeroom will take their ELA test with me, Wednesday (9/2) at 2pm.


  • Chromebook expectations were discussed at length during class today. We will be utilizing the laptops as research tools and writing utensils in the coming week. To the right of this post is the “Downloads/Links” area, where you can find the “Chromebook Expectations and Consequences” note sheet.


  • Spelling lists will be passed out tomorrow. Students will be given ample time in class to work through these words, but it is important to check in with students about their words/rule of the week/etc. Spelling tests will be given on Mondays, the first of which being next Monday (August 31st). Tests will include an average of 20 words, plus a sentences/definitions portion.


I hope to have some more photos up by the end of the week, so check back soon! 🙂