November 8, 2015 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

Greetings from Report Card Boot Camp! Report cards will be sent home on Friday, so this weekend teachers have been hard at work grading, reflecting, and planning. On Friday the 13th, teachers will send parents an email with a link to which will allow you to sign up for a conference time.


ELA:  We are done with The Chocolate Touch and were able to touch on all the literature standards. Up next will be informational text reading in small groups.  Students will be reading a variety of nonfiction selections ranging from the history of banks in the US to the rain forest habitat.  New sort words will come home in the spelling notebooks. Core Words:  great, tell, men, say, small, every, found, still, between, mane (Yes, like a horse’s…)  Content Words: hypothesis, magnet, magnetic, nonmagnetic, force.  Writing:  In writing we will move our Explorer Report to Writers’ Workshop for completion.  Thank you for providing books and printed materials for your child.  We plan to have the report completed by the end of this week.

Math:  In math we are hitting the multiplication facts hard.  We have learned the concept of multiplication through computing area and students will need to work on memorizing the facts at home.  The new math standards are very extensive and we do not have the time for a great deal of rote drill during class.  I hope that all families will be able to fit in at least 10 minutes a night of practice.  Simple flash cards are appropriate and there are computer games, websites, and apps that can help.  A simple google search will help you find what fits best with your schedule.

We are going to continue our study of geometry by building quadrilaterals, triangles, angles, and learning to use protractors.  I have all the materials that students need.  It is easiest if we all use the same exact tool top measure angles. If your child brings unfinished work home, I can always loan a protractor out for the evening.  Please return it the next day.

Science:  On Tuesday we are beginning our next unit in science:  magnets.  This week we will puzzle out the mystery of the floating paper clip, perform experiments to determine what materials are magnetic, discover what materials can block magnetic forces, and determine the strength of magnets.

Environmental Education: In preparation for our Colonial American unit and as a math integration, we are going to be visiting the Homestead on the Prairie Crossing community on Monday.  We will be locating and measuring the foundation holes to get a “real” idea of the true sizes of barns, farm houses, chicken coops, and sheds.  This background knowledge will help students with a project when we begin our Colonial America unit.  We will be gone for lunch and recess and students will need to have a cold lunch and no nuts.

Spanish:  There will be a Spanish test on Wednesday.  Be sure that your child prepares on Tuesday evening.

Dates to Remember:

11/11     Spanish Test, Veteran’s Day Assembly at 12:00,  Early Release

11/13     Schedule your conference time! and Report Cards go home

11/16     Holiday Bazaar collection begins

11/18     Farm to Table

11/23    ER/Conferences

11/24    ER/Conferences

11/25 – 11/27  Thanksgiving break

If you have any questions about report cards, please bring them to your child’s conference.  Students are invited to attend the conference with you, so plan for any childcare.  Also be sure to plan to attend the Book Fair during conferences.

Have a great week and looking forward to seeing you for conferences!


Cynthia McGovern