November 29, 2015 Update

Dear Parents and Students,

As I watched the weather this morning, I am reminded that there may be families on the road in less than ideal conditions.  Praying that everyone makes it home successfully.  Both our travelers to Pittsburgh and our Champaign based group are home safe and sound.  Can’t wait until the winter break and all that traveling!

On Wednesday, December 2, I am attending a one day workshop in Milwaukee on Growth Mindsets.  Mrs. Krissek will be at the reins for us.


ELA:  In Readers’ Workshop students will be working on literature selections in small groups.  Some of the classic titles include:  Stone Fox and Henry Huggins.  Students will be working on comprehension strategies that include: connections, visualizing, questioning, predicting, inferring, synthesizing, and analyzing.  Spelling: the CORE and CONTENT words will be in your child’s assignment notebook this week. In Writers’ Workshop we are wrapping up our book review and students will then use their knowledge of persuasive writing to respond to an article about grades in school.  We will use the same graphic organizers so they can easily organize their thinking.

MATH:  We are starting a unit on multiplication this week.  Students will take the unit pretest on Monday (Pearson online) and we will begin the lessons on the same day.  We will begin slowly, reinforcing the concept that multiplication is really a strategy to quickly add the same number over and over.  We will work with groups, pictures, and skip counting.  When we study skip counting strategies we will call the numbers that we “land” on multiples.  For example:  When we count by 5’s (5, 10, 15, 20, …) each of those numbers are multiples of 5.  We will also use the term factors for the numbers that we multiply (2 X 3 = 6), 2 and 3 are factors of 6.  6 is the product of 2 X 3. Please help us use this math vocabulary throughout this unit.  We are really excited to get started on this!  Expect homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  It will be easy!

Remember to keep practicing the multiplication facts in any way that works for your family.  We will have Rocket Math twice this week.  Rocket Math is an assessment tool, not really a teaching program.

SCIENCE:  This week we are going to finish our magnet unit and start the electricity unit.  Naomi is joining us for a lesson on using a compass and then we will make compasses on Tuesday.  The students will take the magnet unit test Wednesday and the electricity pretest on Thursday.

EE/OUTDOOR ED:  This week our outdoor education will be the compass lesson, which will be followed up with a lesson on using the compasses on an outdoor compass course.

SPECIALS:  All specials will meet as usual, however our Spanish and Art classes will be shortened on Wednesday due to the Early Release.

Dates to Remember:

12/1          Green Challenge Assembly

12/2         Early Release

12/3         Holiday Bazaar

12/9         Town Hall Meeting, 7 pm

Enjoy the rest of today and we will see everyone first thing in the morning!

Cynthia McGovern