November 22, 2015 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

This will be short and sweet since we have two early release days for conferences before the holiday break. Remember that in order to meet with all families, we need to restrict our appointments to 15 minutes.  Please come prepared to discuss both celebrations and concerns.  Some topics to think about are standard based report cards (not your typical A,B,C card); curriculum and Common Core; and behavior and social concerns.

Academics this week:

ELA:  Readers’ Workshop:  Last week we completed a mini unit on systems, using readings on tomatoes and greenmarkets as our theme. Students were asked to share what they understand about systems, the parts of a system, inputs and outputs.  This week we will learn about our almost national bird: the wild turkey.  They will have a reading selection and do some online work using the chromebooks and the Cornell bird website.  There will be no spelling this week…  In Writers’ Workshop we will complete our Book Reviews and practice cursive “tow truck” connections.

Math:  Last week we wrapped up Unit 4 on measurement, perimeter, and area.  Students did well on the final test and the scores will be entered early next week on Powerschool.  To extend the concepts and to challenge the kids, we did some hands-on problem solving in class that the we loved.  Students were to design several swimming pools with areas of 100 square feet and then with perimeters of 48 feet.  We will continue with hands-on math challenges like this next week and into the following week.

Working on the pool problem.

Working on the pool problem.

Working on the pool problem.

Working on the pool problem.

Keep practicing the multiplication facts, the kids are doing great!

Science:  We began the magnet unit last week and learned about magnetic and nonmagnetic materials, magnetic force and strength, magnetic field and field lines, and geographic vs magnetic poles.  Next week students will not have science due to the early release and compressed schedule.

Specials:  We will have a compressed schedule on Monday and Tuesday, which means that students will still have their specials, but they will be shortened.

Dates to Remember:

11/23 – 11/24         Early Release, conferences, and BOOK FAIR!

11/25 – 11/27          No School:  Thanksgiving break

12/2                         Early Release

12/3                         Holiday Bazaar

12/9                         Town Hall meeting, 7:00

Enjoy the snow!

Cynthia McG