November 15, 2015 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

With conferences on the horizon, we are hoping that all families received the link to the conference sign up.  If you know of anyone who did not receive the link, please let me know and I will follow up.  For conferences in third grade, parents are asked to bring your child with you. This is a valuable practice to begin instilling a sense of responsibility and advocacy in your child.  Your child may participate in the dialog, but is not expected to lead the conversation. Remember that we will also have the Book Fair during both days, so be sure to find the time to stop in.


ELA:  We completed several lessons on informational texts in guided reading.  We covered close reading, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing using text references.  This week we are going read informational texts about gardening, green markets, and tomatoes.  Students will follow much of the same procedure as they did last week.  Find your child’s individualized spelling sort in his or her spelling notebook on Monday. Core Words:  should, home, big, give, air, line, set, own, under, read.  Content:  attract, repel, poles, magnetism, opposite.  Please be sure to review them with your child.  Writing:  Students have finished the Explorer report and we will now change gears to complete a persuasive writing piece.  We will first do one as an entire class, then students will complete one independently.  We will be working on keyboarding skills in the computer lab twice a week.  Students are welcome to work on typing at home, they know what to do to access the website and log in.

Math:  In Rocket Math the students are doing well.  Daily practice with flash cards or games is important.  On Tuesday this week in math we will have a test on Unit 4.  On Monday we will complete a study guide that your child can use for study on Monday night.  On Wednesday we will take an on-line post test, which will give me additional data on student needs. On Thursday and Friday students will be engaged in an problem based math workshop, using their knowledge from Unit 4.

Science: We launched the magnet unit last week and will continue it this week with experiments on the strength of magnetic forces and the poles of a magnet.  Students will also engage in a demonstration of magnetic fields and understand that the Earth is a giant magnet.

Environmental Education:  This week we will be outside for either phenology or Magic Spots on Wednesday.

Farm to Table is on Wednesday.  Please do not send in nuts or microwave food for those not taking Farm to Table. Remember to join us in the barn at 12:00 if you are free.

Dates to Remember:

11/16                Holiday Bazaar collection begins, please drop in office if possible!

11/18                Farm to Table

11/23               ER/Conferences (2-7)

11/24               ER/Conferences (2-4)

11/25 – 11/27  Thanksgiving Break

Have a wonderful week and I will see you at conferences.

Cynthia McGovern