November 13, 2016 Update

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

I just got back from Haven’s birthday party.  Seeing students and parents outside of the classroom is always refreshing for me!  The kids had a blast and the police department seemed to really enjoy sharing their knowledge with the kids.

Students enjoyed Veteran’s Day with an assembly and a flag retirement ceremony.  Thanks to the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Scouters who honored the veterans with their flag ceremony.  A big shout out to Mr. Krissek for leading the flag retirement ceremony at the fire ring.

Academics this week:

ELA:  In reading students will return to guided reading groups and read literature with Native American themes.  Stories will include:  Next Spring an Oriole and Guests.  Each day students will meet to read and discuss the assigned sections.  Mini lessons will be geared to each book and will include vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills review.  Our grammar study will focus on predicates, combining sentences with compound subjects and compound predicates.  Spelling words are:  Core:  job, music, buy, window, mark, heat, grew, listen, ask, single.  Content:  archaeologist, barter, Paleo, Archaic, Hopewell.  Last week students celebrated the conclusion of our big narrative unit with a Writing Celebration.   The students shared their stories with Ms. Hahn’s class and shared punch and pretzels.  Our next unit will be opinion writing which will begin with a on-demand writing experience and practice writing thesis statements with support.

Math:  I am going to add a basic long division lesson series over the next two weeks.  Most students are secure in alternative strategies, but I still want to show them the traditional long division method.  This will be the one that we all grew to love (or hate) when we were in school.  There will be frequent homework in math next week.  Keep working on division facts, it DOES make a difference.

Social Studies:  The next few weeks we are going to study the earliest peoples of Illinois:  Paleo, Archaic, Hopewell, and Mound Builders.  This will include a lesson on Cahokia Mounds, located in Collinsville, IL.  If you haven’t visited this archaeological site, I highly recommend it.  I took my boys several years ago and then returned with my mother (a huge history buff) and we had a great time.

Environmental Education Update:  We will visit Solo Spots to write in our Nature Journals on Thursday.  We will work on our Bee Problem Based Learning project in two weeks.  Some of the students uncovered a possible solution and we will discuss it in class.  (Thanks Reese!)

Parent-Teacher Conferences:  Be sure to sign up for the parent teacher conferences on Sign Up Genius.  The link was sent to your email on Friday after school.  AND plan to visit the Book Fair during conferences!

Dates to Remember:

11/16:     Farm to Table lunch

11/21 and 11/22:     Early Release and conferences

11/23 – 11/25:       Thanksgiving Break

11/30:     Parent Book Club at 6:00.  Title to discuss:  Mindsets for Parents








AND the OWL PROWL is coming….


Have a great week!

Cynthia McGovern