November 1, 2015 Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

Happy first day of November.  This morning I tore off the October calendar page and studied November.  I noticed that November fits nicely into the framework of the classic calendar, four weeks with no leftover days.  This month will go wicked fast!


Be sure to dress your child for the changing weather…frosty mornings, mild afternoons. Students will need to keep a sweater or sweatshirt in their locker too.  Send in a fresh waterbottle each Monday and remind your student to bring it home weekly to wash.

The end of the trimester is this Friday, that means that Friday is the last day for your child to submit any missed work.  If you find any math (blue and white) pages laying around, send them in for credit.  Your child is invited to attend the fall conference with you.  The schedule will be posted on November 13, be sure to respond promptly.

Are the video games playing your child?  I found this article in my recent Scouting magazine.  In an effort to monitor screen time, most parents need some additional ideas.  Check of some of the ideas, click here to view the article.

Academics this week:

ELA:  This week in Reading we are going to wrap up our literature study of The Chocolate Touch with an final packet that touches on all the major Common Core standards.  Students will work through the packet using their book.  It is due on Friday.  If your child brings it home to work on, please coach, but do not do the work for him or her. Please check your child’s assignment notebook for the core and content words this week.  In writing this week we will continue cursive handwriting, practice organizing paragraphs, writing rough drafts, revising and editing, and writing final drafts.

Math:  In math we will continue to work on perimeter and area through discovery.  We will find area and perimeter of our feet, triangles, and and a variety of quadrilaterals.  I hope to use the Sustainable Schoolyard to explore practical applications of perimeter and area on one of the warmer days this week.  We will begin Rocket Math Multiplication on Tuesday, so please begin practicing multiplication facts at home daily.  I am collecting ideas from students on what is working for them, please share your ideas too.  Expect homework on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Social Studies:  We are going to begin our Explorer report on Monday, November 2.  Students have selected an explorer and the forms were returned to them.  Students know (and I hope that you do too) that they need to bring two resources to use for their report to school on Monday, November 2.  They may be two books or one book and a printed internet resource.  The most important factor when considering the source, be sure that your child can read it without too much assistance.  It doesn’t have to be lengthy, just complete.  Students will get their research packet which includes all the directions, organizers, and rubrics.  We will break the project down with due dates on Monday. Please note that students may type the final paper at home and submit a hard copy, otherwise they will handwrite at school.  Any students who need extra time, may need to attend academic recess or work at home.

Spanish:  Senora is planning to give the students a test on November 11.  Be sure to visit her webpage for additional information.

Our squash supply is getting smaller! Be sure to send in a donation to receive your own personal awesome squash and epic recipes.

Dates to Remember:

11/3:     Green Challenge Assembly, 8:15.  Theme:  Donate, Don’t Toss!

11/4:     Early Release, 1:00

11/5:     Early Release, 1:00

11/13:  Report Cards go home and Fall Conference schedule is posted

11/18:   Farm to Table

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget that we “fell back” last night!

Cynthia McGovern