Newsletter – Week of 9/9/19


What a busy Spirit Week! The students enjoyed seeing each other and the other grades sporting different outfits and colors. The activities also encouraged a sense of school and classroom community. Thank you for helping your child remember the event for each day.

Some other highlights from Room 11:

Sight words for this week: Can, In, and Do

Next week’s sight words: Me, Up, and An

This week’s letters: C/K and E

Next week’s letters: H, R, and M

The students also had their first sight word assessment. A Sight Word Superstar page went home yesterday showing which words your child read correctly and which words they still need practice on. Please continue to review any sight words your child still needs practice with. If you are looking for fun ways to encourage sight word knowledge, check out the link on the sidebar of my website. The Jolly Phonics songs are also linked there as well.

In math work stations, the students learned how to play Spill Five Beans and Beat You To Five.  These new work stations are very popular! We continue to work on shapes, counting, patterns, and five and ten frames.

Yesterday as a school, we practiced a Hard Lockdown Drill. The students had to stay quiet in a secluded corner of the classroom for about two minutes. They did a great job following directions.

All About Me has arrived to Room 11! An All About Me poster will be sent home with one child each week. If your child brings home an All About Me poster, please help them complete it and send it back to school before the Thursday of the following week. That student will have an opportunity to share their poster and it will hang on our Spotlight wall for the next week.

A note about kindergarten carpool:

There has been some confusion among staff about the configuration of 1:00 carpool, so to finally clear things up, please follow the inner lane, furthest from the curb where the kids sit. This is the same format as the regular 3:30 dismissal. 

Birthdays and Wish List:

We love to celebrate birthdays in kindergarten and the students really look forward to having their family members come to school. As your child’s birthday approaches, I will contact you and invite you to come in during lunch/recess. Also, the handbook asks parents to not send in treats, food, or goody bags to school for their child’s birthday. Your gift is coming in to celebrate your child’s special day! However, if you feel inclined to bring in something in honor of your child, please consider a donation to the classroom:

A book for the classroom library 

Kinetic sand 


 wood puzzles

A bird feeder and/or bird seed

A CD player(for playing the Jolly Phonics songs)

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, September 18: Early Release Day at 1:00


Ms. Bonicontro is going to teach an After School Story Time Club. Here is the link to a description and order form.