Newsletter – Week of 9/23/19

Here are the highlights of the week in Room 11:


Letter names and sounds this week: D, G, and O

Letter names and sounds for next week: U, L, and F

Sight words this week: You, Am, and The

Sight words for next week: And, We, and My

The classroom is just full of learning! The students are in the full swing of learning and reviewing the letter names and sounds, rhyming words, naming beginning and ending sounds, making compound words, mastering their sight words, and blending letter sounds together. It is so fun to see all of the budding readers and writers! When doing writing activities with your child(such as making grocery lists together, writing a note or letter, drawing pictures with words, etc), keep in mind that developmental spelling is a great way for your child to develop writing confidence. Over time, you will notice your child becoming more able to write letters, and eventually, they will be able to combine those letters to look like words. As they go through this process, encourage your child to write down the sounds they hear, resisting the temptation to spell out each letter correctly for them. Allowing your child to go through the process of sounding out and writing the corresponding letter increases literacy skills and confidence.


Two new math work stations were added this week! Unifix Cube Patterns helps students learn how to make and recreate patterns, such as ABAB, ABCABC, etc. Which Numeral Will Win is a game which encourages writing correct number formation.  A fun and engaging way to practice writing numbers(and letters too) at home is to put some salt into a baking pan or tray. Allow your child to write in the salt to practice their number writing skills. They may also enjoy writing in shaving cream or sand. Don’t forget that Playdough and Wiki Sticks are a great way to strengthen those finger and hand muscles.


A Razkids note was sent home today. Razkids is an online program that allows students to read along and listen to books. After you log on and sign in to the website, your child can select books at their reading level. They can then take a quiz at the end of each book and move through the reading levels as they master the quizzes. Razkids is an optional program and you are not required to complete it. If you have any questions about the program please let me know. We also have introduced Razkids at school this week. The students will be spending about 15 minutes a week during the Daily 5 station, Listen to Reading.

Environmental Education:

The students have learned about the Prairie and Pond habitats. This week they participated in a comparison of the two habitats with Ms. Naomi. Next week the students will learn about the Woodland habitat. 

Farm to Table

The students enjoyed their first Farm to Table experience! We donated our kindergarten carrots  to the meal and the kids were so excited to see the fruits of their labor at the table. They also received a cookie to sample(vegan and peanut free). Just a reminder that you are welcome to join your child for lunch in the barn on Farm to Table days, and are also welcome to come back with your child at 1:00 after dismissal to eat the meal as well.

Other classroom business:

Room 11 is still looking for Community Helpers! Do you work at the local grocery store? Are you a banker or refuse worker? Maybe you are a nurse or doctor. If you are interested in coming in to the classroom to share about the way you help out in the community, please email me.

It’s hard to believe but Halloween is only a month away! Mrs. Ricchio, our Classroom Coordinator, sent out an email asking for volunteers for our Halloween Party. It will be from 11:45 – 12:45 on Halloween. The kindergarten students will also parade through Market Square at the beginning of the day. More information and details will be coming soon, but in the meantime, please review the PCCS guidelines below about Halloween dressing up:

No excessive violence depicted by the costume

No face masks or hoods which render students unrecognizable

No “Creepy Clown” masks or “Creepy Clown” face paint

No Weapons of any kind, real or toy.

Upcoming events:

Kroll Farm Field Trip: On October 29th. More information coming soon!