Newsletter – Week of 9/2/19

It’s hard to believe but we just finished up the third week of school! The students are settling in nicely to the routines and expectations of kindergarten. Here are some highlights from the week:


The sight words learned this week were: Is, On, and It. A sight word review sheet was sent home with your child today so they can practice the words from the past two weeks. Next week your child will be asked to read these words. Please spend a few minutes each day to review the sight words.

The sight words for next week will be: Can, In, and Do.

In literacy lessons the students are learning and reviewing the letter names and sounds. This week the letters learned were: I, P, and N.  They are also practicing combining words to make compound words, and also isolating the onset and ending sounds of words.


Math this week introduced the students to patterns and shapes through our Number Corner calendar. They began to learn about making combinations of numbers to five and understand that there are multiple ways to add numbers to equal five( for example, 4+1, 3+2, 5+0, etc). The students are also enjoying two new math work stations that encourage counting skills and understanding shapes. Yesterday we counted 100 pennies!

A note about homework and Take-home folders:

Please make sure that your child packs their Take-home folder each morning, and we are reminding them to bring it home each day, as their homework will go into that folder. Transporting the folder each day teaches students organization skills and responsibility for their belongings.

In a typical week your child will be asked to do homework one or two nights per week. It is usually math, but sometimes it is a literacy page(such as the sight word practice). The homework shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes or so. Please let me know if the homework task is taking significantly longer than this, or is a stressful time for you and/or your child, and I will adjust accordingly. Homework in kindergarten is a process of building confidence and positive habits and skills, and I will work with you to help that process be successful.

Environmental Education highlights:

The students have been getting hands on experiences with our natural world by harvesting the kindergarten gardens and exploring on nature excursions. Ms. Naomi took the students to observe and record bugs in the prairie, and today we took math outdoors and went on a shape search in nature.


    We love volunteers! Please click Here to read the volunteer letter. When you want to volunteer, you can either go to my website and click on the Volunteer tab or you can click on the link on Seesaw.       

Upcoming events:

Monday, 9/9: Hearing and Vision screening

Tuesday, 9/12: Curriculum Night from 6 – 7 pm. We hope to see you there! If you need babysitting services, please fill out the request form that was sent via email from the school.

Next week  9/9 – 9/13 is Attendance Week! Please see our classroom schedule below:

Monday: Favorite Color Day – Wear your favorite color to school!

Tuesday: Fun Hair Day – spray your hair, wacky hair style, etc.

Wednesday: Extra Recess Day – you guessed it – more time outdoors!

Thursday: Fun Hat Day – Pull out that favorite hat from the closet 

Friday: PCCS Spirit Day – wear PCCS clothing or PCCS colors(green/black)


Have a great weekend!